These are the OFFICIAL STAFF RULES OF BRAK’S CHAT (including the updated CENSOR RULE). READ THEM. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

STAFF of Brak’s


If you feel that you can not handle these obligations, then please let me know.

1 All are welcome in BrakChat whether we like them or not. Period.
2 Users are kicked out if their behavior is inappropriate.
3 What is inappropriate behavior? Use your own judgement.
4 Porn is simply not allowed. What is porn? Use you good judgement and you will know.

When we have to kick someone out, we try to do it without insulting them, it is insulting enough to be kicked out. We should do it for just a day on the first offence, or you can do it for a hour or whatever you deem necessary.


If you kick out a user, and they come back in with a proxy, then just keep kicking them out all you like until they run out of proxies.


Remember that when you kick someone out you most likely offend their friends and they will complain bitterly to them, and so you will have to listen to that whining.


It is best to give warning…but just one warning if there is an abuser. Abusers could also be just being nasty to the point that everyone is offended.

The thing to keep in mind is that we want people in BrakChat but don't want we do what we can to keep them, if possible. I know this is a little confusing, but it is best for the chat if we can be kind but firm.

9 STAFF HAS GOTTA SHOW UP! That’s why you became STAFF in the first place. You should show up weekly if you can, and no more than 2 weeks absence. You have been given this responsibility; you should see it thru.

If for any reason you can't show up (vacation, classes, work, etc.) then you need to let me know. If you don't let me know, and you don't show up for 2 weeks, I'll assume that you are no longer interested in being STAFF and remove you from the list. This means that you WILL NO LONGER BE STAFF. Just do me the courtesy of emailing me and letting me know, and I'll keep you on the list.

11 Set the example. STAFF should be above questionable behavior. If STAFF steps out of line, they lose their authority with the chatters.
12 If there is someone you feel qualifies to be STAFF, then let me know. You can send them these rules and have them read these rules. If they agree to follow 'em, have them e-mail me and we'll work out a STAFF name and password.

The CENSOR is probably them most infamous part of Brak's (besides Brak himself). The rule regarding the censor is this:

While STAFF is absent, the CENSOR will be turned on.

If STAFF is present, then the CENSOR can be turned off, although we are advised against this. Most of the chatters who come to Brak's are mature and aren't going to try to see how many times they can type the word 'f*ck' before they get banned. Sometimes expletives in regular conversation are difficult to avoid.

AS LONG AS THE EXPLETIVES ARE NOT DIRECTED AT SPECIFIC CHATTERS, THE CENSOR CAN BE TURNED OFF (as long as chatters aren't trying to cuss out another chatter). If it does happen, STAFF is expected to turn the CENSOR back on and deal with the specific troublemaker as stated in the above rules.

One other thing that staff should do is to try to actively get new chatters. How to do that? Well, Brak's is expanding. We now have a Yahoo Group and a MySpace. Both are being used to promote Brak's Chat. If there are other STAFF willing to run a different site (Facebook, etc.) let me know. Make sure you tell people about Brak's Chat and invite them in to check it out... show them they can show pictures etc. This will sometimes get someone new, who brings in 5 or 10 new people! That is how Brak built it up originally.

NOTE: While the other places will be used to promote Brak's Chat to the internet, the Yahoo Group is specifically for Brak's Chatters. Some chatters do not want their information given to those outside the chatroom. We will do our best to respect their privacy. Please only authorize official chatters that you know are active at Brak's to join the Yahoo Group.