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Introduction by RPL
(One of Brak's original chatters)

Back in the mid-late 1990's, chatting became a popular means of communication. Many chat rooms drew flack for the danger posed to children; however, there were a few exceptions. Braks Chat was one such place. It's a room that welcomed a generation of imaginative youths, and all under close supervision of monitors to ensure the conduct of the room was kept somewhat under control and safe.

Over time the generation grew, some formed tribes, some formed relationships, and some simply grew out of it. In its prime, Brak's could be packed with 60+ chatters, waging war between groups. The most known conflict was that between two sects of chatters, the @ Team, and the Raptor Pack. Other factions arose, but quickly either disbanded or got recruited into the two larger cliques. Brak's has also seen its patrons take their romances from the digital world into the real one, people getting married and starting families with others they grew up talking to in Braks. We've also witnessed the passing of others.

Braks Chat is more than a chat room full of anonymous users...itís a home, and a family. The history of Braks is too lengthy and full of details for any one person to recall everything...every battle, every race, every party...but we all have moments that stand out in our memories.


Way back in 1966 there was a cartoon show called 'Space Ghost'. The character Brak was an evil Arch enemy at the time. In one one episode way back then called ''The Lure'' the Evil Lord Brak runs into a Pyranimite cloud and is assumed dead as a door nail...Not so it would seem!

So in the 90's a bunch of wonderfully insane people decide to revise the characters...

The new premise being that Space Ghost had caught and imprisoned his arch enemies and made them sidekicks for a TV Show. That was the beginning of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Cartoon Planet.

Both TV shows had such a wide fan base a Chat room evolved based on Brak and has been here ever since.

    Don't forget the Raptor Pack in that history...heh...

    I was new at the time of the Raptor Pack. I remember bits and pieces. Raptor Pack, the Sailor Moon thing, the Pokemon thing...and of course, Brak

    And don't forget the Pack's arch rivals, the @ team. That was a long, drawn out war...

    Oh yeah...the @ team...

    Son...would you mind writing a bit about that and emailing it to me??

    If we're gonna do a history, I wanna make sure we do it right...and who better to write it than the leader of the Raptor Pack??

    Dem...when did you first come to Brak's??

    Mom, I'd love to. I remember my first few nights in here...lots of fighting.

    You were here before Widow...many ages ago...

Demortix Da Masta Folda
    Gab - well then I didn't start in '95, cause I'm sure you were here before me. Say...'98? Maybe '99?

    Brak's started in '97. I was on SFWest in '96, before it was Raptor Red's Chat was around before this place and I was there chatting with Suzy and Felix.

    Brak's stayed strong for several years...then it just started fading.

    Problems with chatters...problems with STAFF...*sigh*

Briksha Taus
    We really ought to write all this down. I stumbled on Brak's by chance. I did a search and wondered if any one still remembered the character I drew at one time. I found Brak's and I've been here ever since!

    During the Great Chat Wars, the owner of a rival server launched an all out attack on SFWest. It was Felix, Suzy, Sickboy, Fu and myself defending this community. Between outwitting and outhacking, we chased Truck back to Big Bob's. That's another night I'll never forget...

    Dem...Over time, Briksha & I became best friends. We decided to do what we could to keep Brak's running. We've been here pretty much every weekday since then.

    Briksha, thanks.

    As much history is in here, it'd be a shame to see the room close.

Demortix Da Masta Folda
    Gab- Glad you did!

Briksha Taus
    DAMN STRAIGHT!...They tried to shut us down and couldn't do it!!!!!!!!


    Thanks to Briksha, not even GoDaddy could shut us down!

    I was off-line that summer (Summer 2008) and couldn't be Briksha handled that one on her own.

Briksha Taus
    RPL helped us out on his own way...I ain't sure if he'd remember it.

    Hey ya got got rid of the trash at Brak's, RPL...I don't care how ya did it.

    I actually know how ya did it RPL...and THANK YOU!

    it needed to be done.

    Briksha, no thanks needed. I enjoyed it.

    I remember an arguement over use in the name 'Blue' way back then. Some one, I think Ash, claimed to have had it first, so I settled the prob.

    Haha yeah I used "Bulma", one of my first handles, and yeah I used "Blue" from "Blue's Clues" and got mad at that other lady for using "Blue", lol

    It might have been Pixi, that was so long ago even I ain't real sure. AH!...So it was you Ash!...I thought the only fair way to settle it was tell ya that ya already had more damn handles than ya needed, so it wouldn't kill ya to spare one!

    Haha yeah, it was me, but yeah Pixi has the same name as me (Ashley) so people confuse us. Oh, I have her on Facebook too. People would confuse me and Rach too.

    That would be about the same time I started callin ya Ash instead of Ashley. Ya'd ask me to watch my language and I'd tell ya to kiss my ash!

    I seem to think Tenchi and Squik both had a thing for crashing the place, but they weren't as bad as the 1512 Kids....Or was it 1215?...RPL went from Raptor Pack Leader to Resident Pest Liquidator.

Mr. B33f
    The moment I felt that I'd truly 'made it' at Brak's...was when I finally saw my name on the 'Reg List'.


    Hi, I was a Brak Chat Regular back in 1997-98... sorry I missed the reunion... hope there was some good nostalgia going.

    I just wanted to make an addendum to the history of the chat room:

    As a youngster at the time I felt a lot of "middle school drama" play out in this small chat room (that enabled enough HTML for ingenious picture posting but not enough for instantaneous, effortless refreshing)... I guess chatting at Brak's was a harmless way for most teens to vent... You could tell by the formation of bratty cliques that it was full of teens and those cliques weren't just limited to Sailor Moon and Pokemon (which I never experienced)...

    Raptor Pack and the @ Team was the big "conflict" that chatters seemed to be throwing a lot of emotions into while I first discovered Brak's. To be honest, RPL was a pretty scary character at the time! I was first chatting at Brak's when I was 13. I remember he would post pictures of himself holding a glock pistol and (I'll never forget this...) he also bragged about having a computer virus that would make your computer freak out so hard that the glass on the monitor would shatter into a user's face! I'm not kidding ... I had no idea if that was possible or not but I was pretty freaked out!

    I had 3 "good friends" from Brak's.... Phildog31 (aka Tansut I believe, who should be added to the ol' reg list... he was one of the more interesting people there), Quiggz (hilarious joker), and BW (or Black Widow)... I hope they are doing well for themselves where ever they are.

    Cliques, like I said, were THE most significant part to Chatting with Brak. They made the room go 'round and there were so many. Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, CATS (the musical), Raptor Pack, etc. Almost all of the cliques emulated the original idea behind Brak's.... a themed chat room where everyone took a handle from the names of the Space Ghost franchise. My favorite people in that room just happened to be the SG handles and I'm sure that it's not a coincidence. They were so friendly and funny!

    "Parents" (because of the heavy moderating - which I could appreciate) and cyber marriages were also incredibly prominent in the chatroom. Family politics added much needed drama and fantasy into otherwise a tongue-in-cheek back-and-forth comedic routine. I would consider the earliest days of Brak's (that I can remember) as a close-knit RP group with bizarre senses of humor (PG-13 at most). As soon as the SG handles left, the cliques and moderators began clinging to each other for conversation material. Enough fantasy eventually led to partnering each other off: Husband, wife, MOM, son, daughter, etc. At this time, Brak's was at its peak of entertainment and enjoyment for many regulars.

    My handle was roB ... I was a jerk to many and proud of that. When I joined the CATS clique as Coricopat I think I got too obsessed with Brak's and I had to inch away from the chatroom little by little. Looking back, I'm sure all of the CATS handles were like the same person.... weird...

    As soon as 2000 rolled around I found better things to do... so I am sure that I left Brak's quietly and unnoticed although I left a few people behind that I wouldn't mind catching up with. Only to joke about how strange it all was, of course. ;o)



my first email from sis was1/3/06


I guess I should have been a bit more specific. If you searched for a Chat and found a cat/human looking critter that's got teeth big enough to bite through phone poles, you found BRAK! If you search for 'Chatting with Brak' about 9am central time, you're going to find me at what we call the Coffee Club. You should get a page with white boxes at the bottom. Pick a screen name and a pass-word and you are good to go! Just a bit of inside info, most folks don't use their real name or e-mail addy to access the Chat. Seems there are alot of nuts out there! Not to worry though, if you find our Chat, Gabrielle the Coffee Goddess and I (Briksha Taus), will help you out.

As to how this happened, the Chat is based on a cartoon character. I worked for awhile drawing stuff for a cartoon show called 'Cartoon Planet'. When the show went into syndication, I retired from artwork and a Chat Line turned up. I've been on "Chatting with Brak" ever since then and still draw pics for our Chat. I'll send a pic just so you & I know we are on the same page.

Let me know what you and your whole tribe is up to. I'll be waiting for you to find me at "BRAK'S".



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