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Why does Brak's Chat take so long to load?

    The Front Page/Sign-in Page that can be found on the Internet is an old Web Site. While you can still sign in from the old site, if you try any links, many no longer work. Once you make it into Brak's, you use the EXIT button to leave Chatting With Brak, or click on "Front Page" at the bottom of the new Chat page, you will automatically get the newly revised Front Page. If you wish to return to Brak's, simply save it in your Favorites or Bookmark files and you will get the new Front Page. Saves a great deal of loading time.


Who or what is a Brak?

    Brak is a cartoon character that dates back to the early 60s. Many revisions and personnas have been made since then. "Chatting with Brak" is based on the "Cartoon Planet" stage of Brak's life from the late 80s to mid 90's. To put it simply, anyone who likes the show or cartoons or just being silly in general, young or old, who wants to chat and have a bit of fun are welcome at Brak's!


How do I get a picture to use?

    Most people get pictures off the Net. Find one you like that has an http code and you are ready to copy and paste in the picture URL box! Word to the wise: not anything porno or too large! Porn is not allowed and large pictures are annoying to other chatters. Who wants to scroll through a picture that takes up the whole screen?


Why do I have to sign in all over again if I click a link?

    You don't! While it's true Brak's is a work in progress and clicking "Back to Chatting With Brak" is going to get you the sign in page, there is a way around that. Computers have backward and forward buttons like a VCR or a DVD player. Use those! It's also recommended that you save any Handle and Picture codes somewhere so you can copy and paste them in case of power or Net failures. Saves alot of re-typing!

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